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Meet our Managing Director

MD. Shah Alam

Managing Director

Md. Shah Alam (10 August, 1956) was a Bangladeshi business man . He served as the founder and Managing Director of Ful koli Group of Industries which deals with sweets items, fast food, bakery items, snacks items and bread items products . He was the founding managing director of Fulkoli Food Products Ltd, Fulkoli Sweets and Fulkoli & Co. He is founding d irector and nirbahi advisor of Peoria Food Products Ltd.
Mr. Shah Alam started his career as a trainee in 1972 in his -owned old garments wear cloths in old Jahur Market Chttatogram. He worked as primary pioneer of an old cloths wear imported from china, India, Thaiwan and others countries. Mr. Shah Alam established Fukoli Food Products Ltd in 2002 in Bakalia Chattogram. His early earning source is old knit and wear garments for his family. Mr. Shah Alam became one of the sole importers and distributor of old knit wear and garments in Bangladesh. In the 1982s, he begun import spice as onion, Garlic, and red pepper ginger etc.
Mr. Shah Alam was a brand of an ethical businessman in Bangladesh. He is the best example of how an honest businessman can improve his business. So, he is a role model for the businessmen of new generations and we should study his harden life and his ethical commitment to the business. His modesty was incomparable. He founded many orphanages, schools and madrasah in satkania pudua. He donates in many educational institutions, human activities and mosque and to incapable families. He always pays his income tax , vat and customs, never be loan or tax defaulting in his life.